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Mala Sharma

She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Pharmacy, and moved on to different roles in Private Banking, Treasury,
Investor Relations, both in India and in the USA. She is a professional, an expat, who worked as Wealth Advisor & Financial Planner for a large U.S. Advisory firm managing a portfolio of $60 million. She’s also involved in self-funded voluntary initiatives for the underprivileged, and the illiterate.

She believes that Montessori approach is the answer to making our younger generation independent and self-reliant learners.

Geeta Harisinganey

Her journey in the field of education has been inspired by her own child. She is an engineer who loves to break down all complex problems to the level of children. She teaches children from pre-k to twelfth grade. Her ability to teach broad spectrum of children along with her passion to make a difference fuels excitement into learning and gives her the ability to fill the gaps. Her dedication to the Montessori approach and a very strong belief in the potential of the child puts life into our prepared environment and gives the right direction to the training of our teachers. She is also formally certified for Montessori lower elementary. 

Meet The Team


Joanne Vinit

Joanne was born and brought up in Mumbai, and holds a Master’s degree in Ancient Indian Culture which led her to work at the Afro-Asian Cultural Museum in Symbiosis, Mumbai International airport and Leaders’ Quest a social enterprise. She went on to pursue her ECCED course from Asian College of Teachers. She started her teaching journey at Vivero International  and moved on to

Sweven Montessori in September of 2021 where she's  steadily growing in the Montessori method of learning. She enjoys her time with children and looks forward to interacting with them at school.


Rutuja Pawar

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Rutuja is a true Mumbaikar. She has a Master's Degree in Information Technology. She was inspired by her own child to start this new journey in the field of education. So, she got her AMI certification  for primary. Equipped with knowledge of simplifying complex concepts and her love for working with children encouraged her to follow the Montessori Method ; the most holistic way of bringing up children. Rutuja as a directress at Sweven truly believes what Maria Montessori said, "The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn."


Saloni Jain

Saloni has an AMI certification for primary and debuted as a directress at Sweven Montessori from its inception in 2019. She passionately believes that Montessori is the way to fostering and guiding a child's intuitive nature towards truly holistic development. She is very

passionate about various art forms, often articulating  her creative ideas  in making learning visually

engaging & fun. She enjoys

working with, as well as learning from children and believes Montessori way of learning has long-lasting and better outcomes i

children's  personality development.  She loves  being a part of Sweven family that allows freedom of  expression at work, mentoring  and the team

spirit that defines Sweven.


Shweta Dixit

An entrepreneur, a teacher, a mother - Shweta’s experiences are multifaceted. Her creativity enables her to teach in ways that are both educating, and intriguing to a child. Her humane attitude and observational skills, make her both, a friend and a mentor to them. Having worked in Sweven Montessori for 2+ years, she has truly embraced the Montessori way. Shweta is a through-and-through Montessori believer and with this attitude, she strives to contribute in the lives of her children, making them confident, independent, curious and empathetic individuals.


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Sweven Montessori

New Lake Palace Bungalow 1 &2

Customs Colony, MHADA 20

Powai Mumbai 400076.


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